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Global Scholars Journal of Agricultural Research Vol.1 (1), pp 1-6 July, 2015
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Full Length Research Paper

The effect of lumbriscus rubellus and Crotalaria retusa in the enhancement of soil physical properties of eroded land and rice yield in Karawang, West Java, Indonesia

Briljan Sudjana

Faculty of Agriculture, University of Singaperbangsa, Karawang, Indonesia.

E-mail:,  Tel: +62 081321161100.

Accepted 1 July, 2015





Erosion has been one of the extreme conditions threatening crop production which may become more serious under tropical rain forest country such as Indonesia. This study is to address the potential of using Lumbricus rubellus (L. rubellus)and Crotalaria retusa (C. retusa) as bio-agents in the enhancement of soil physical properties (bulk density, soil water content, total porosity, and permeability) to ameliorate unproductive  land due to erosion and their relationship to the rice yield. The experiment was executed for six months in 27% eroded slope land of Karawang soil in West Java using randomized factorial approach. The data gathered were analyzed by using Anova and regression-correlation test. Result of analysis showed that with 1,080,000 L. rubellus ha-1 and 15 tons ha-1. C. retusa has improved soil bulk density by 28% and 9% respectively; the soil water content in the interaction of the two bio-agents has improved by 144%; the soil total porosity has improved by 24% and; the soil permeability has improved by 2,520%. There was a significant relationship between the soil physical properties and tiller with r of 0.73 and R2 of 0.54; and rice yield with r of 0.85 and R2 of 0.72. Therefore, the study concludes that L. rubellus and C. retusa improve soil physical properties which lead to increase in the rice yield.

Keywords: Erosion, bio-agents, physical soil properties, rice yield.



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