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Global Scholars Journal of Linguistics and Communication Studies Vol.1 (1), pp 1-13 May, 2014
©2014 Global Scholars Journals.


Full Length Research Paper

Assessment of content validity in Ethiopian general secondary education cerificate of english examinations (2009-2012)

Mekonnen Yibrah Kahsay*, Dr. Julia Devardhi*** and Dr. Deepika Nelson**

*   Ethiopian Ministry of National Defence, Eastern Command, Peacekeeping English Project
     P. O. Box 19, Harar, Ethiopia.
** School of Foreign Language Studies, Haramaya University, Post Box -53, Dire Dawa,  Ethiopia.

*Corresponding author, E-mail:  Tel: +251-915746481.

Accepted 28 April 2014




The purpose of this study was to assess whether the Ethiopian General Secondary Education Certificate (EGSEC) English exams administered by the National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency fairly represent the content coverage and adequate sampling of the objectives stated in the syllabi. To attain the objective of assessing whether the EGSEC SATs of English exams possess content validity or not, quantitative and qualitative research designs, that is Mixed Method Approach was used. The qualitative methods were used to justify, clarify and interpret the data collected through interview and questionnaire. The quantitative method was used to show the outcomes of Pearson's chi-square test of independence and Cramer's coefficient of association. The required data for the study were collected using textbooks/syllabi and SATs content analysis, questionnaire and unstructured interview. To cross check the data obtained from the document analysis, questionnaire and unstructured interview were used for 12 teachers and 3 testing experts. The subjects of this study were selected using purposive sampling technique. The content validity of the contents of the textbooks of grade 9 and 10; and EGSEC SATs were analysed using the standards of measuring content validity. The collected data were analysed by using Chi-square Test of Independence and Cramer's Coefficient of Contingency to test the goodness-of-fit and strength of association between the contents of the textbooks and sample SATs respectively. The findings of the study revealed that the degree of relationship and strength of association between the contents of the sample SATs and textbooks were divergent and weak in strength of association. This study only focused on the assessment of the content validity and was limited to four SATs and failed to see other SATs of EGSEC English examinations. Thus, the study recommends further researches to be conducted on the 'level of difficulty (item analysis)' and 'item discrimination' of the EGSEC English examinations

Key words: Content validity, assessment, language learning, backwash, relationship, testing.


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