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Global Scholars Journal of Social Sciences Vol.1 (1), pp 1-7 December, 2016
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Full Length Research Paper

Concept of Pratyabhijna (Recognition) In Kashmir Saivism and Kalidasa: A Comparative Analysis

Kewal Nayeck

School Lane, St Julien Village, Union Flacq, Mauritius.

E-mail:  Tel: 4184346; 57867727.

Accepted 3 December, 2016




In the absolutistic metaphysics of Kashmir Saivism: Siva (the absolute knowledge) is the absolute Reality. Siva by nature is consciousness and the consciousness is dynamism of knowledge. The Universe is the immanence (vaibhava) of the Siva and the Siva is not limited to it, and is transcendence as well. The uniqueness of KS lies in the theory of dynamism of knowledge. The phenomenal self (Jiva) is the same Absolute soul, that is Siva lacking recognition and the purpose of the individual Self is to recognize his Siva nature, that in KS is called Pratyabhijna. Pratyabhijna is the central concept of KS and the similar philosophy is presented by Kalidasa in his drama Abhijnanasakuntalam where the term abhijna signifies the same meaning of Pratyabhijna.
The real nature of phenomenal self according to Pratyabhijna philosophy is obstructed or veiled by the Sport (Lila) of the Siva and therefore it plays as a limited sense. In order to remove the obstruction, the phenomenal self Jiva requires to realize his true nature that is; of Siva and for that realization the phenomenal self Jiva has to follow the way to Pratyabhijna.
The term Pratyabhijna is formed out of the root jna which means to know, knowledge and added with the prefix prati and abhi being recognized immediately that is, stands for immediate awareness of the knowledge naturally assigned to the phenomenal self or recognition of the Sivahood. It is recognition because knowledge is given eternal reality but its immediate nature is veiled and after uncovering of the veil the Sivahood is recognized.
Kalidasa’s drama Abhijnanasakuntalam very beautifully portrays the immediate knowledge of the self as same Siva (reality). While Jivahood is the state where the true nature of Jiva is prevented by ignorance; abhijna is the permission state or the immediacy that is recognition of the self as the same reality.

Keywords: Pratyabhijna, Jnana, Purnahanta, Siva, Triad of malas, Upayas, Vimarsa



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